When I first found yoga back in 1999 before it was as well known as it is now,  I was on anti depressants and feeling very lost and numb (which the medication compounded) and had been for a few years. My husband, who I was just dating at the time, said we should go try this class out and that I would like it. I was into fitness and working out and thought it sounded fun, so we went. We had gym shoes on and all the right apparel for kids who lived in the 90’s, nothing we needed for a yoga class because at the time, neither one of us knew what yoga was.

I had no idea that that class would become such an integral part of my life on that day, or that it and yoga would shape me as much as it has. I have failed to put into words what that class has meant to me over the years. Not from lack of trying, but because there is no way to describe something that touches your soul so deeply when you feel like it’s been lost for so long. It was a safe place for me to land and to open up everything in me that needed opening.  It was a home for my spirit.  Needless to say, I stopped taking the anti depressants the next week and never had to take them again. My husband and I went to classes every night of the week and I got better. And what a blessing it was to have him along for that journey.

When something touches you as deeply as yoga touched me, you know that at some point you not only want to share it with others but you have to. I desperately wanted to be able to share what I felt was like this big secret. Something that I knew could help other people the way it helped me. I worked hard over the  years, received certifications, owned my own yoga studio, moved away and left the studio, and all the while have kept yoga at the forefront of my life.

I now work at the best yoga studio I know of and I get to see the light turn on for so many people. I get to see their journeys and hear their stories and be a witness to them finding their home.

I’ve created this website to share with you what I’ve learned and have found helpful over the years. My hope is that you can take away something from each of the blog posts (maybe even drop into a class) and that they be of benefit to you as they have been to me.   💜

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