Supporting your Immune System- 4 Poses to help, and why meditation works to keep you well.

Yoga in general is great for supporting your immune system. The slowing of the senses,  focusing on the breath, turning inward with yoga poses, and meditating are all great for calming the sympathetic nervous system. When we are stressed and constantly in our sympathetic nervous system mode (fight or flight) rather than our parasympathetic nervous system mode, it puts our immune system under stress and weakens it. When this happens , we are more susceptible to catching a cold or the flu. Below are 4 poses that will help support your immune system. Hold each pose for a minimum of 2 min and up to as long as you’d like :). I have also included an article on meditation that shows the positive effects it has on your immune system and how closely our thoughts can affect our health.

Child’s Pose.

Child’s pose or any forward fold is great for the immune system because you are folding back into yourself which encourages a restful state . Child’s pose also supports your adrenal glands,  and stimulates the lymphatic system. Find a bolster, pillows are whatever you’d like to support you and fold into it. If this bothers your knees at all, you can bring a blanket under the thighs to take pressure off of your knees.


Resting Twist

Any kind of yoga Pose that involves a twist is going to be good for your immune system because 80 percent of your immune system lives in your gastrointestinal tract. Twists help to purify your body and stimulate the intestines to work properly. Laying on the floor, bring your legs to one side or the other and drop your shoulders to the floor. You can support your top knee by placing a pillow between your legs as well. Switch sides.


Low lunge with twist.

From hands and knees, bring one knee thru to your hands. Picture 1. Lifting up you will twist your opposite elbow to the thigh in front. Picture 2. You can modify this by just bringing your forearm to your thigh as well. Switch sides.


Legs up the wall or Chair.

This pose is wonderful for slowing down your heart rate as well as lowering your blood pressure. It also stimulates your lymphatic system. Get as close to a wall or chair as you can and bring your legs up. 🙂


This is a great article worth the read, that shows the relation between mediation and our immune systems and how our thoughts, moods, sensations and expectations are transmitted to our immune systems.

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