5 Poses for Anxiety and Stress

Today I’d like to share with you 5 poses or asanas that are helpful with anxiety and stress. I would recommend holding each pose for anywhere from 3-5 minutes. This is easily something you can do before bed and will take about 25-30 minutes. Ive included a playlist below that you can use while doing these poses if you’d like.  😊img_0184

Easy seated pose with 3 part breath. This will set the pace and tell your body that’s its time to slow down.  Sit in a comfortable position. This doesn’t have to be with your legs crossed if that isn’t comfortable.  You can also use the support of a wall if you’d like. Once you are comfortable, move into your 3 part breath from yesterday. Use this breath for 2-3 minutes before moving on. 



Seated Forward Fold.  Forward folds are known to calm the nervous system and brain. This pose can be done with support from a bolster and/or a block, or without (if you don’t have a bolster you can use a good sized blanket) depending on your flexibility. Try out both to see which one feels right for you. Don’t worry if your legs aren’t all the way straight, you can even place a blanket or towel under your knees for comfort if you’d like. Once in the pose breath into the back of your body. Focus on expanding the back of your ribs. You can let the head dangle here as well to relieve tension in the back of the neck. 



Reclined belly twist with bolster or rolled blanket. This one is amazing for releasing tension in the spine as well as lubricating the spine. It is known to calm the central nervous system as well. If you have any back issues please ease into this one, use more support under your belly, ie. an extra blanket, or omit from the set of poses. Sit with your blanket or bolster close to your hip, and lower yourself onto your support. Your head can be turned in either direction. Do both sides. 


Legs up the Wall Pose.  This pose has too many benefits to list. Being that it is an inversion and a restorative pose it has double the gain. Just a few of the benefits are that it lowers your heart rate which in turn helps to relieve anxiety. It allows the blood to flow back toward the brain and aides in digestion, it’s also great for relieving stress from the back and the neck and gently releasing the hamstrings. To get into this pose, you will get as close to a wall as possible and then sweep your legs around and up the wall. Once there you can shimmy yourself closer to the wall if you need to. This pose can also be done on your bed with your legs up the wall there. 


Savasana. Corpse Pose.  This is your final pose in the sequence. You can do this with or without support. If you use support you can experiment with what feels best. I have the bolster right up against my sacrum or low back. You can also put it under your knees or even cover up with a blanket. As you lay here keep your thoughts passing. Focus on the breath and the rise and the fall of your belly. If you have the music playing you can drift away to it as well. If you are in your bed you can float away to sleep. 

Here is a short playlist on Spotify of some of my favorite stress relieving songs, Weightless included, that I’ve used in classes and personally over the years. It’s here if you’d like to access it. 🙂 

If you have questions about any of these poses let me know!  💙

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